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Included with your AYA Bamboo Kit 2:


The AYA professional sushi knife comes with a perforated, extra sharp blade to ensure easy and clean cuts. When slicing your sushi rolls, wipe off the rice from the blade between each cut. Keep the blade clean and damp.

The AYA nigiri maker lets you create perfect traditional sushi in a dash!


AYA bamboo mats: the mats are made of 100% natural, premium grade bamboo sticks, woven together with cotton strings. After each use, gently scrub your mat with mild soap and water. Ensure there is no starch from the rice left, and let the mat dry completely before storing. Important: prior to using your mat, we strongly recommend that you cover your AYA Bamboo Mat with a plastic wrap sheet when making inside out rolls in order to prevent rice grains from getting caught between the bamboo sticks. Protecting your mat with plastic wrap also makes cleaning up much easier! Do not place your AYA bamboo mats in the dishwasher!


The AYA rice spreader helps spread the rice flat and evenly without using your hands. Remember, sushi rice is very sticky! Your rice spreader is made of 100% natural bamboo.


The AYA rice paddle is used to serve and prepare sushi rice. Soak your rice paddle in cold water before use, to prevent rice from sticking. Your rice paddle is made of 100% natural bamboo.


AYA chopsticks: made of premium fiberglass, you may use your chopsticks to enjoy your sushi rolls. It is also acceptable in Japanese culture to use your fingers when eating sushi!



Not included with your AYA Bamboo Kit 2:


A rice cooker is ideal to cook your sushi rice. If you do not own a rice cooker, you may cook your rice on a stove top. We provide thorough guidelines on how to prepare perfect sushi rice in our “Preparing Sushi Rice” section.

Sushi Making Tools


In order to make your first sushi rolls, you will need the following ingredients:


  • Sushi rice, also known as sticky rice

  • Rice vinegar

  • Sugar

  • Salt

  • Nori, also known as dried seaweed sheet

  • Fillings of your choice: raw or cooked fish, shrimp, crab sticks, meats, vegetables (avocado, cucumber, carrots, etc…)

  • Sesame seeds (optional)

  • Pickled ginger

  • Wasabi paste

  • Soy sauce

Basic Ingredients
Preparing Sushi Rice


  • Use sushi rice only! The unique consistency of sushi rice will ensure that your rolls hold together firmly.

  • Use 2 cups of sushi rice: rinse the rice 4-5 times thoroughly. Drain the water.

  • Add 2.5 cups of water and cook your rice.

  • Once your rice is cooked, add 5 table spoons of rice vinegar, 1 table spoon of sugar and 1 tea spoon of salt.

  • Mix thoroughly.

  • Spread the rice on a large plate, or cutting board, and let it cool down to room temperature.

  • Do not refrigerate, and use your rice within 4 hours.



What's in the box
Wrap the bamboo mat in plastic
Small Maki Sushi Rolls
California Roll
Rainbow Roll
How to use Nigiri Maker
Video Tutorials
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